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Outdoor Pool Openings / Closings
Lifestyle can provide qualified maintenance technicians to complete outdoor pool opening / closing services for your unsupervised pool or as part of a complete lifeguard service contract.
Spring Opening Services include:
  • Remove, clean and store winter pool cover.
  • Drain and acid wash pool shell.
  • Set up and install all pool mechanical equipment, deck equipment and required signs.
  • Refill pool, start up and inspect pool mechanical systems and balance water chemistry in accordance with Public Health regulations. Report any deficiencies to Property Management
  • File required documents with Public Health Dept. and schedule Public Health inspection.
Fall Closing Services include:
  • Drain pool water to correct levels.
  • Disconnect and winterize all pool mechanical equipment.
  • Remove, clean and store all deck equipment and signs.
  • Install winter pool cover.


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