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Lifeguard Services

Let the experienced Lifestyle management team handle the operation and staffing of your indoor and/or outdoor swimming pool. Our strict hiring practices, training programs and site supervision will ensure that your patrons experience unlimited enjoyment of your facilities. Our lifeguards are trained in emergency care, but their primary focus is to control activity within the pool area, to identify potential hazards and to intervene before accidents may occur.

All lifeguards are fully trained in pool operations, mechanical systems, and facility maintenance as well as customer service, emergency and first aid procedures.  To ensure that your facility operates in accordance with our strict standards, on site staff receive routine site visits to monitor performance, inspect the operation of your facility, and provide ongoing support and training.

  • Your swimming pool will be staffed with lifeguards that are First Aid/CPR and NLS certified to ensure the safety of bathers in the pool and deck area.
  • Controlled access to swimming pool
  • On-site swimming lessons and aquafit programs.
  • Daily completion of pool maintenance including vacuuming, backwashing, scum line cleaning and water chemistry testing.
  • Fixed contract costs – staffing & chemical costs are included.
  • Scheduled site inspections conducted by Lifestyle management team.
  • Contingency planning for emergency staff replacements
  • Compliance with all Government and Public Health regulations
  • Liability Insurance coverage

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